Systems Integration

Our passion is data integration of the discovery informatics system, laboratory equipment, and outside parties. Typical challenges include

  • An organically grown infrastructure with data silos that do not speak with each other, causing data inconsistencies and difficult cross system workflow integration.
  • Legacy systems that do not provide APIs necessary for data integration nor a path forward to adport suchs APIs
  • Data migrations from such legacy systems which may require rethinking of a large number of workflows that were optimized for it.

Our goal is to aid you in making the right decisions and travel this road successfully.

The Scinamic server can function as a data warehouse and integration point. It can greatly simplify tying your systems together through its flexible data model, ETL, background job, and data integration APIs.

Your situation defines the optimal strategy. What is our passion is your goal: A system that keeps your data consistent and which is efficient and pleasant to use by your scientists.

Examples of services that have been provided to customers:

  • Development of custom modules for the Scinamic client or server.
  • Assay analysis method & algorithm development.
  • Custom development of chemoinformatics tools using pipeline pilot, knime, or thirdparty chemoinformatics libraries
  • Custom development of web based or java based user facing systems or servers.
  • Data integration with third party LIMS, data processing, or data visualization systems.
  • Workflow development for data exchange with collaborators.
  • Informatics project management.
  • Third party system evaluation & purchase.
  • LIMS / ELN migrations.
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations.
  • Cloud migrations.
  • Data model design.
  • Data curation.

Professional services can be offered on an hourly basis, by project, or on a fractional FTE basis for longer term projects.

Please contact us for further information.